Season 8: “Inferno: From the Ashes” - Zargara

Season 8: “Inferno: From the Ashes”

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The story is inspired by the original “Inferno” poem from the “Divine Comedy” Saga by Dante Alighieri.

Dante broke down Inferno (Hell) into 9 different circles. Based on the sins that you had committed on Earth, you were separated and placed into different circles accordingly. The main character is also named Dante who is guided by Virgil through Inferno to get to the next level “Purgatory” (Limbo, in between Heaven and Hell) and “Paradiso” (Heaven) after that.

Our take on the story has 9 chapters which u can view below.

We also did a short film based on our take on the story. You can view the trailer below. The film is doing a festival circuit right now, so it will be online in a year.

Chapter 1: "Meeting Dante"

Chapter 2: "Virgil: The Guide from Limbo"

Chapter 3: "Gates of Hell"

Virgil guides Dante to the Gates of Hell. It is guarded by Black Widows. For them to be able to enter, they need to pay their respects to the Black Widows.


Chapter 4: "No Living Man Shall Enter"

Dante and Virgil reach the bottom part of Inferno in which No Living Man is allowed unless permitted by unknown forces. Dante pays his respects to the cross in order for him and Virgil to be let in.

Chapter 5: "Demon's Wrath"

Chapter 6: "Sinners: It's too late, the Damage is done"

Chapter 7: "Abandon All Hope"

Dante and Virgil come across a few Sinners being walked across a graveyard on fire by a Demon. 

Chapter 8: "Fallen Angels: Righteous vs. Devious"
Dante comes across the Fallen Angel. The devious part of her wants to keep Dante in Inferno, and the Righteous part wants to lead him to the final chapter and out of Inferno. The decision rests upon Dante's shoulders.


Chapter 9:  "The Path to Paradiso"

To be continued 

Director: @amirzargara | Photographer: @the.architxct  | Cinematographer: @osmocapture | Composer: @carolinejaynegleave | Associate Producer: @visxn | Dante: @jediah.b | Virgil: @a.abozmal | Black Widows: @ixchelwilson @k_grub @kimmih23 @ameliemartel @augatnaaq | Demon: @mouddyy | Sinners: @initbruv @tania.t7 @omarabozmal | Fallen Angel: @maayning