Season 7: Divine Souls of Eden - Zargara

Season 7: Divine Souls of Eden

// Shop Collection // PRESENTATION RECAP
// Hug the Eden Bear
Origin Story: Back in Oct/Nov last year, @osmocapture told me about this new Gucci video Ad that I had to check out. The concept around it was a Garden of some sort that we assumed to be Eden because of all the snake designs they had been doing with other animals and flowers and what not. That stuck with me till it was end of Dec and I was in the process of figuring out pieces for our upcoming  Tradeshow at the time in Las Vegas in Feb. I decided to do a few floral prints in different colors with different elements. The Floral prints got a great response at the Tradeshow, so when we touched back by mid Feb, I decided to go in that direction and change up the mood completely from everything else I had done before. The collection and the concept were 90% done by the end of Feb but it was still lacking a title since I didn’t want to just call it “Garden of Eden” which would have directed people to think the story will be the famous one with the
apple and the snake. I picked Osmo’s brain again and got some more research done and in one of our last days in Austin at “Kirby Lane Café”, I showed him the new research that I had done and the word “Divine” stood out in the mist of all the other info and after a few more back and forth, we derived at “Divine Souls of Eden” as the final title.
The clothes represent Eden and how many years ago people use to make clothes out of leaves and flower petals hence why majority of the pieces in
the collection have art of flowers and greenery on them so when you, Divine Souls, wear them, it feels like your wearing a part of the Divine Garden, Eden.
// Photographer: @alexandrebrault // Assistant Photographer: @the.architxct // Video: @osmocapture // Music: @ianlorts // Concept+Story: @amirzargara