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“Surrender” track starts and runs for a min in order to set the mood while "The Friendly" has their hands up standing in the beginning of the aisle with "The Enemy" pointing a gun at their back.


They start to walk toward the stage. As soon as they get to the stage, they stop. The first poem begins to give u dimension into the story.

“Surrender” track starts to play again where it stopped. “The Enemy” then orders to walk “The Friendly” to turn right and get on stage and hold.


“The General” starts walking toward the stage. He positions himself beside “The Enemy”.

He orders “The Friendly” to turn around, following by an aim order by “The Enemy”.

“The Friendly #1”gets closer to “The Friendly #2”.

“The General” gives the order and this sound follows…


“The Friendly #1” falls in the hands of “The Friendly #2”. He gently puts her down. Everything stops once again and the second poem begins …


“Man Down” track starts to play. “The General” Orders “The Enemy” to get ready and start marching off the stage toward the same aisle they came from. He follows them as they leave.

While “The Friendly #2” on his knees still in disbelief …


“The Moaners” track starts to play; it goes on for 1 min in order to set the mood once again. 6 of “The Moaners” enter the aisle holding a stretcher. They walk toward the stage and proceed to stand beside the deceased.

“The Friendly #2” removes her dog tag and holds on to it.

They pick her up and place her on the stretcher. They fall back in formation and proceed to carry her of the stage and out the aisle.

“The Friendly #2” is on one knee. The last poem starts to play …


He puts the dog tag around his neck then rises up and walks toward the main chapel on stage and takes a knee in front of it.

The end.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show, it was the biggest turn out we have ever had; thanks to everyone who went thru the story above and finished it as well.

Lots of love to everyone who helped out and was a part of this show.

Video: @osmocapture // Photos: @osmocapture @the.architxct @dononathan // Words: @iiimauricio // Words Performance: @roangrant // Soundtrack: @ianlorts // Concept + Direction: @amirzargara