Roadmarks - Zargara


A film by Brandon McKnight
Project Title:
Short Film – Drama – Ontario, Canada – 2023
Color | English | 2.39:1 | Stereo | 15'
Kory turns back to street-fighting to raise cash for his daughter's music school against his better judgement, and the love of his life's wishes. Seeking guidance from family he tries to figure out where his focus should lie. He gambles sacrificing everything he's built, the love that he's fostered, so that she may never have to.
Cast & Crew:
Director: Brandon McKnight
Writers: Brandon McKnight, Adrian Walters
Cast: Adrian Walters, Humberly González,
Markeda McKay, Carson Durven, Shawn Lawrence,
Phi Huynh,
Producer: Courtney Deelen
Exec Producer: Franckie Francois, Amir Zargara

Director of Photography: Peter Schnobb
Composer: Alexander Hitchens
Editor: Peter Schnobb
Hair and Make up: Natalie Dale

1st AD: James Gilchrist
Sound Recordist: Benjamin Barton
Stunt Coordinator: Casey Hudecki

1st AC: Jacqueline Di Bacco, Sabrina Spilotro
Key Grip: Kodie Preston
DIT: Eric Metzloff

Production Company: BDB Productions
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Phone | +1-613-857-1027
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