"Be Your Own Kind" Roundtable Discussion - Zargara

"Be Your Own Kind" Roundtable Discussion

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A discussion with the Writer/Director/Producer, Amir Zargara, and the Cast, Clea Morin, Alee Abozmal, Thobo Mathodi, of the "Be Your Own Kind" Short Film hosted by Jelani Lewis.

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Directors : @amirzargara @the.architxct
Producers : @amirzargara @weggonallen
DP : @the.architxct
Moderator: @jelanilewis
Cast: @vibinsoul @a.abozmal @thobo.pm
Camera : @eniolayussuff @therealnivo
Sound : @kg4baller
Editor : @the.architxct
Set photos : @sir.jax
BTS video : @whiteley.alex
BTS video Editor: @visxn

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