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Origin Story: The idea came about when @visxn told me his boy @whiteley.alex was doing this project for his end of the year summative involving an old Triumph Spitfire. As soon as he showed me the car, the idea of painting the car and the background walls all checkered went off in my head. After meeting @whiteley.alex and getting him on board, the concept was the only thing that was missing in order to move forward with the project. I knew I wanted it to be something in relation to life and how it goes by fast and we should take advantage of every second. As I was finalizing the name and was going to call the collection “please don’t race thru …” @marximeus and @mattlryan walked in the shop. I told them what I was working on and the general idea then @marximeus said what about “Autobahn”. We knew it was Limitless, But that wasn’t enough, so after doing some research we realized that it’s also in the shape of an oval making it boundless as well, another attribute that it shares with life. Earlier in the day I was also talking to @jelanilewis and he mentioned the word “Odyssey” to me which basically means an epic journey, and what is more epic then your life!! That’s when “Autobahn Odyssey” was born.

Limitless, Boundless, Forever.


// Photographer by @alexandrebrault // Models: @nneka___boe @hojin_grotte // Set painted by @visxn @whiteley.alex @bigmanbuddhajoshua @amirzargara

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