January 07, 2018

This concept originated a couple of years ago, when I first saw a campaign by Calvin Klein called #mycalvins. Then I saw the I Am New Regime campaign come into existence from one of my fav brands called Atelier New Regime, from Montreal. That's when I thought of the #iambabesngentscampaign, but I had to make it my own. Babes & Gents as a brand stands for three core values which are Passion, Inspiration, and Strength (mental strength that is). These are the three things I needed to have in order to overcome the obstacles that were in my way in order to get to where I was at the time (they still apply till this day nonetheless), and the brands mission is to encourage these three things into its fan base.

Therefore when I started the #iambabesngents campaign I asked the people that accepted to help out what is the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear these three words. I continued this concept for about a year then the brand evolved and Zargara was born.

Fast forward to August of 2016, I knew that I was going to open the store and I was looking into various ways to add to the Zargara store experience, that’s when I came up with the community wall idea at the store.

Over the last few months since I've been open, the wall has turned into its own entity. It's the first thing people notice when they step inside the store and the coolest moments come to fruition when they find people they know on the wall and get all excited.

The amazing response I have gotten from the wall and the overwhelming amount of pictures that I have of people at the store had to be celebrated on another level, and I'm happy to announce that idea is The "Community" Exhibition.